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Théa de Gubernatis

website: theadegubernatis.com
Théa de Gubernatis is freelance AD/Designer from France currently living between Berlin and Paris. As much as she loves the smell of old books, experimenting and intercrossing digital practices drives her creative process.

Mounia Mosso

website: mkmosso.com
Mounia Mosso, a fervent traveler who used every occasion to pack her bags, has finally settled in Berlin and is calling it home. She loves writing, making electronic music and is passionate about cultural trends, social justice, diversity, sustainability and data privacy.

Emilie McDonnel

website: staycationcollection.com
Emily McDonnell is a food and travel writer and experience-focused communications strategist. She is the founder of The Staycation Collection, a curation of Germany’s most exceptional escapes, from boutique B&Bs to chic cabins.

Angelica Villarreal Charris

website: muttiangie.wixsite.com
A proud Latina, Angelica left the Colombian Caribbean Coast to come to Germany to study Political Sciences and later International Relations and Diplomacy Studies of the European Union in Belgium. Since January 2020 she writes a blog on her experiences as an expat mom in Germany seeking to share her experiences with fellow moms.

Rina Grob

website: millennialapproaches.com
Rina is just here to eat her way through various cities, pet dogs, write nonsense at 3 am in fits of insomnia, and consume copious amounts of coffee and diet coke.

Mirjam Grupp

website: bymirjam.com
Mirjam Grupp writes about real love, romantic relationships and everything that falls between those two.

Evelina Kaganovitch

medium: @evelinakaganovitch
Evelina is an Australian Fashion Designer who is passionate about using her voice to advocate for more sustainable practices in the fashion industry.

Anna Walczak

AMW (she/her) - activist, future human rights lawyer and colorful clothes lover. She likes to write, explore Berlin and learn from her own mistakes. Feminist since 1998.