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Modern Muse
~ by Grace Olivia
︎ @graceoliviaart


~ by Kirsten Groff
︎ @kirstengroffart


~ by Justyna Tuchorska
︎ @copytco

~ by Jana Marie Cariddi
︎ @janamariecariddi

Me and her
~ by Gosia Maria Jagiello
︎ @even_insects_play_together

Look At My Bum!
~ by Robyn Banks
︎ robyn_banks_photography

~ by Julia Gaczek
︎ collagedejul

~ by Leïla Flayeux Boulkenafet
︎ @diptyquerotique

~ by Jack Garland
︎ @jackgarland

I love moody and melancholy images and I feel these parts of myself come through naturally in photography. This work is a self portrait series imagining myself as an unknown lover in a hyper-reality. Are these photos from the other person’s point of view point or are they out of body observations of myself? I like the idea of the work being interpreted any which way, only allowing context in the form of the title and image.

~ by Ailish MacDonald
︎ @ailishmacdonaldart


~ by Paulina S.
︎ @dessertviolets

The Vegetarian
~ by Chunghee Yun
Acrylic and oil on canvas, 84”x60”

Let me tell you about the way she looks
~ by Geneviève Dumas
︎ @goldengenprint

“Some women fear the fire. Some women simply become it ...” ― R.H. Sin

~ by Natália Damião
︎ @nataliadadada



Articles, poems, texts


~ by Anna Walczak
A story about cozy feeling. A long time ago a girl met a boy. He was not really the type of guy, who was meant for her. She was very rare, and he was not really familiar with taking care of a gem such as her.

#submission #story #solace    ︎ 2 min


~ by Savannah van der Niet
Isolation gives fruit to contemplation
realisation. We see spikes and charts
curves and arcs, and a dove
appears on the balcony bearing
no twig in it’s beak.

#submission #poem #solace   ︎ 2 min

Sister circle solace

~ by Majella Mark
I found solace in my Sister Circles. Called different names in different countries, it’s been a tradition in the African American community for over 150 years (...)
#submission #community #solace   ︎ 2 min


~ by Haydée Touitou
I had to look up
What it meant (...)

#submission #poem #solace     ︎ 2 min


~ by Skye Wilson
I stand up, stumble, wrap my naked,
sweaty skin in my softest sleepwear. My nose leads my shuffling limbs to the kitchen -the brightness burning- and over the dull ache of my body (...)

#submission #poem #solace
    ︎ 2 min

Kalpavriksha, the wishing tree

~ by Richa Saxena
“Trees are sanctuaries” wrote the German poet and philosopher Herman Hesse. “When we have learned to listen to trees... that is home.
#submission #art #solace
    ︎ 2 min

Lake Shore Limited

~ by Magda N-W
People don't do this, take a train, alone (...)
#submission #poem #solace
     ︎ 2 min


Madrid, May 5th
~ by Eni Dade, Madrid
︎ @en_da_fern

It has been 55 days of cuarantine in Madrid. Me and my girlfriend go through anxiety attacks in our apartment. There's grief for the dead amidst disease and abandonment. Sometimes we fight and I can only find solace in the shadow play on the walls of the rooms she storms out of. These walls have only recently been conquered.

~ by Camille Rodrigues/Studio MURO, Marseille

~ by Nato Bagrationi, Georgia,

~ by Tatjana S, Serbia

These are the works from my Selfportrait series of paintings. My work is based on exploration and here it's based on exploring myself as a way of introspection, meditation and contemplation as a way of solace.
(oil on canvas)

~ by Théa de Gubernatis, Berlin/Paris

~ by Sapir Kesem Leary, Bern/Tel-Aviv
︎ @sparikleary

~ by Elise Capelli, Berlin
︎ @hotchipsandsorbet

~ by Klaudia Kozińska, Warsaw
︎ @kklaudiakkozinska
My illustration is about feeling comfortable while tucking/hughing myself.

~ by Anna Martynenko, Berlin
︎ @dancetea


~ by Monique Woolen-Lewis, Berlin
Growing up in Los Angeles meant that I never really understood the term 'small town' until I visited my then-fiancee's hometown of Bridgend in South Wales. Now that most of the UK's mines have shut down, Bridgend has been reduced to a shell of it's former self, and wandering around documenting it's dormant cafes was a melancholy dream. Though re-relocating to Berlin during this particular time was (legally) meant to be isolating, it doesn't hold a candle to everyday life in South Wales -a place without all of the trimmings one needs to maintain a schedule with enough social obligations necessary to ignore and ultimately forget the self.

~ by  Georgia Wardlaw/GiGi

~ by Beatriz Freitas, Porto
My grandmother is my solace in times of darkness. She is not alive anymore but remembering her stories always warms my heart. As it’s the month of May, she always puts yellow wild flowers to repulse the wild spirits, today I am carrying those blossoms and as I stick them on the door crack my sorrow is smoothed by the fantasy of her presence.