the wishing tree

Author & Artist
Richa Saxena

@richa_oeuvre Website:

“Trees are sanctuaries” wrote the German poet and philosopher Herman Hesse. “When we have learned to listen to trees... that is home. That is happiness.” I am fascinated by the fact how they are the key to essential notions of truth, beauty, a sense of belonging and happiness.

A huge familiar object that is so full of life and just quietly nurtures all the things that live within its canopy. An imaginative sphere where things seem possible that might not be in the everyday working world.

Trees are life, growth, peace and nature. These longest living species on earth not only provide us with many benefits necessary for survival but are also a link between past, present and future. Other than clean air, water, shade, food, they also give us hope and insight, and courage to persevere - even in some most difficult conditions. Trees teach us to stay rooted while soaring to great heights.

Every tree that I see delves me to the idea of Kalpavriksha or “wishing tree”, which in the yogic tradition is held as a metaphor for a well-established and organized mind. A human mind, wit its thoughts, is powerful beyond measure and beyond imagination. Manifesting and creating what we want in our lives is fundamentally and essentially dependent on how the mind and emotions are focused. The essential part is to use the power of mind to make it happen. A min can create what it wants, and thus is a Kalpavriksha. We all are a source of creation, we are Kalpavriksha.



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