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Sauer is born from a shared vision and a friendship, we are both Berlin-based foreigners living creative-driven lifestyles. We aim to create a media outlet that showcases the voices and views of the broad spectrum of femininities.

We're moving away from mass media, its generic yin paradigm and its vulgar use of tokenism. We wish to portray a more real, personal and intimate perspective. Mainly, we look forward to expanding discussions and developing positive and productive ways of thinking. Borderless and ageless, our team of womxn writers, designers, artists and contributors will regularly give their opinion on a topic of their choice through their preferred means of communication.

As we believe ideas can be expressed in many creative ways; every month, we will select a word and make an open call for submissions

This first issue was supposed to be published on paper, but because of the health crisis, we decided to move it online. We maintained and contrasted the initial articles with those written during lockdown.

Mounia-Kenza Mosso


submission: sultry 

Sultry: (of the air or weather); hot and humid. (especially of a woman) suggesting a strongly sexual nature.app

~ by Leïla Flayeux Boulkenafet
︎ @diptyquerotique

Look At My Bum!
~ by Robyn Banks

︎  robyn_banks_photography

~ by Julia Gaczek
︎ collagedejul

~ by Ailish MacDonald
︎ @ailishmacdonaldart

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Articles, poems, texts

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︎ submission: solace  ︎ pre-outbreak  ︎ outbreak  ︎ sultry  

Our Last Phone Call

~ by Haydée Touitou
Wordless (...)
#poem #submission     ︎ 0.5 min

Peach Pit

~ by Grace Copeland-Tucker
Let me drape myself
in the softened crest
of your Cupid’s bow, (...)
#poem #submission     ︎ 1 min

Dear Diary

~ by Rina Grob
Dear Diary,
Manny Montana deserves better.

#article #deardiary     ︎ 3 min

September Sweats

~ by Magda N-W
September Sweat
In the thin red months,
between the cool condensation (...)

#poem #submission     ︎ 1 min

The red dress: or filling the Feminine from within

~ by Mirjam Grupp
Recently, I moved into my new home. After two years of moving constantly and living out of two suitcases, I saw for the first time in a long time all of my clothes again.
#article #reddress     ︎ 2 min


~ by Mirjam Grupp
This is for everyone who is living alone, right now, and who doesn’t have a partner they are permitted to visit. It is for everyone without direct human physical contact. It sucks.
#article #socialdistancing #contactless      ︎ 1.5 min


~ by Rina Grob
Dear Diary, I am a sucker for nostalgia. It is what it is. So naturally what better way to spend this Christmas time than rereading my favorite books as a child.
#article #theprincessdiaries #nostalgy       ︎ 2 min


~ by Anna Walczak
A story about cozy feeling. A long time ago a girl met a boy. He was not really the type of guy, who was meant for her. She was very rare, and he was not really familiar with taking care of a gem such as her.

#submission #story #solace    ︎ 2 min


~ by Savannah van der Niet
Isolation gives fruit to contemplation
realisation. We see spikes and charts
curves and arcs, and a dove
appears on the balcony bearing
no twig in it’s beak.

#submission #poem #solace   ︎ 2 min

Anti-schedule is the real schedule

~ by Angelica Villarreal Charris
As previously mentioned, I’m a mom of two blessings. My toddler started going to daycare last August and the winter season that just ended was actually his very first one (...)
#article #parenting #covid-19
   ︎ 3 min

The feminine

~ by Mirjam Grupp
It was 2012 when I first came to Paris. It was winter, and I was sitting under a heater on the terrace of a café, drinking wine, smoking, watching the people passing by.
#article #story #femininity    ︎ 2 min

Sister circle solace

~ by Majella Mark
I found solace in my Sister Circles. Called different names in different countries, it’s been a tradition in the African American community for over 150 years (...)rs.
#submission #community #solace   ︎ 2 min

Dear diary

~ by Rina Grob
Why do I feel so weird about women who remind me of me in books? I recently bought Adults by Emma Jane Unsworth. I was intrigued by the cover and so excited to read it! Just from the blurb, I related to the main character a lot (...)(.
#article #books #deardiary   ︎ 2 min


~  by Emily McDonnell
The word “politics” is one a lot of people try to avoid. However, across the world, the need for us all to realise the need to be involved in politics is growing. We spoke to some of our international friends to ask about their involvement with their current political systems, and questioned why they believe that politics is power.
#article #interview #politics
  ︎ 2 min


~ by Haydée Touitou
I had to look up
What it meant (...)

#submission #poem #solace     ︎ 2 min

The long-awaited change in the fashion industry

~ by Evelina Kaganovitch
There has never been a better day than today to create change in the fashion industry.
#article #fashion #sustainability       ︎ 3 min

Post-covid travel trends

~ by Emily McDonnell
Daydreaming has become a popular lockdown past time: reminiscing of the last time we wiggled our toes in the sand, fantasising about walking through the woods as we bathe in its silence (...)
#article #travel #tips
    ︎ 1.5 min


~ by Skye Wilson
I stand up, stumble, wrap my naked,
sweaty skin in my softest sleepwear. My nose leads my shuffling limbs to the kitchen -the brightness burning- and over the dull ache of my body (...)

#submission #poem #solace
    ︎ 2 min

Kalpavriksha, the wishing tree

~ by Richa Saxena
“Trees are sanctuaries” wrote the German poet and philosopher Herman Hesse. “When we have learned to listen to trees... that is home.
#submission #art #solace
    ︎ 2 min

What kind of cycle is up?

~ by Evelina Kaganovitch
Why it is important to reduce the amount of textile waste and how up-cycling can help us do so.
#article #upcycling #greenfashion        ︎ 2 min

Lake Shore Limited

~ by Magda N-W
People don't do this, take a train, alone (...)
#submission #poem #solace
     ︎ 2 min


~ by Emily McDonnell
The cursor hovered over the “buy” button with my finger poised above the mouse, frozen. My heart pounded and my mind raced, creating fantasies of me alone in another country, miserable, lost and hungry (...)
#article #travel #solotravel     ︎ 1.5 min